Social security abroad

On this page you will find all information about social security abroad.

Living, working or studying abroad? Everything you need to know about retaining your Belgian social security entitlements can be found at (Dutch - French).

Since 22 April 2010, anyone living, working or studying abroad can visit the social security portal site to check which Belgian social security entitlements they can retain. The site features an interactive tool for requesting information about social security entitlements while abroad.

FPS Social Security, the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS) and e-government partner Smals have developed an interactive application for the "Leaving Belgium" section of the website. Users simply need to fill in their nationality, destination, status and the topic on which they want more information. They are then immediately shown an overview of the Belgian social security entitlements they will retain while abroad. Users can request information on a range of subjects, including child allowance, pensions, reimbursement of medical costs, unemployment benefit, compensation for work incapacity and the payment of social security contributions.

The application can be used by employees, the self-employed, civil servants, frontier workers, seconded staff, retirees, students, etc. It is not intended for people going on holiday abroad or for people coming to live, work or study in Belgium.

This unique concept for requesting this kind of information was developed in cooperation with the Public Social Security Institutions and the Public Sector Pension Service, which provided the information for the application.

For more information, please visit the website of the FPS Social Security