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Important information for visiting the Embassy:

  • Please check the current restrictions on movement in Ireland before booking an appointment. 
  • Please check if it is absolutely necessary to visit the Embassy in person.  Many consular services (except for passport and visa applications) can be completed by post. 
  • If you are attending the Embassy you must make an appointment
  • 1 appointment = 1 person.  Only people with a confirmed appointment will be permitted to enter. 
  • Social distancing guidelines will be in force which means that only 1 person at a time will be allowed at the public counter.  Please note this means you will be asked to queue outside.  We would appreciate if you would arrive on time for your appointment, and not too early
  • We are doing our best to make sure our public areas are kept as clean as possible.  On arrival (and if instructed by our counter staff) please use the hand sanitizer provided. 
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19, or have had contact with someone who has, or if you are self-isolating – YOU MUST NOT ATTEND THE EMBASSY. 

New - online appointment system

An online appointment system is now operational for all appointments made for the period 1st September onwards for consular activities (in particular for biometric passport applications) and for visas (exclusively by appointment). 

All appointments from 01.09.2019 should be made online, except for consular emergencies (e.g. some provisional passports) and appointments with the Consul for nationality or civil status acts (dublin@diplobel.fed.be).

Before making your appointment, please check our website to see which documents to bring. 

Drop-in counter service has been temporarily suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

For some consular activities, an appointment is not necessary, for example:

  • To register with the Embassy (also possible by email or post)
  • To drop in an identity card application (also possible by post)
  • To ask for a consular certificate (also possible by email)
  • To collect a passport or identity card which is ready at the Embassy
  • To sign a certificate of life

In these cases, the public opening hours are Monday to Thursday 0900 to 1230 and 1400 to 1500.  The closing days of the Embassy are available on our website. 


A. What services are offered by Belgian consular officers?

  • You are Belgian and you are travelling temporarily abroad, consult the section: travelling abroad.
  • You are Belgian and you live permanently abroad, consult the section Consular administrative assistance.

B. What services are NOT offered by Belgian consular officers?

  • Intervening in private affairs (for example, the payment of hotel bills, medical expenses, customs' transactions, fines or legal fees, legal matters, bail payments, child abductions, the enforcement of a Belgian custody order overseas, or obliging another country to settle a custody dispute, inquiries into crimes or deaths, etc.).
  • Hotel bookings, finding accommodation or storing your luggage, providing you with a work permit or employment.
  • Ensuring that you benefit from preferential treatment in hospitals, by a doctor, in the case of imprisonment, for excursions or visits, or even ensuring your release from prison or intervening in legal proceedings.
  • Obtaining an extension of your visa, your resident's permit or your work permit.
  • Intervening for dual nationality holders when they are in the country of their other nationality.

Consular administrative assistance abroad is provided by more than a hundred Belgian general consular posts and career consular posts.

General consular posts and career consular posts are mainly located in the capital [or other cities] of the countries covered by the exercise of their consular duties. These sometimes extend to other neighbouring countries where Belgium does not have consular representation.

They provide public services for Belgians abroad.

Since the entry into force of the consular code on 15/06/2014, administrative assistance is only provided to Belgians who are registered in the consular population register. Administrative assistance to Belgians who are not registered in these registers is limited to the issue of provisional travel documents if the issuing conditions are fulfilled.

As a Belgian domiciled overseas, it is advisable to always contact the Belgian general consular post or the career consular post in your country before contacting the FPS Foreign Affairs in Brussels.